invitation wording form


This form will provide us with the information we require as we work on your invitations!

If you don't think a section applies to you, please leave it blank or enter N/A.

All examples provided are simply examples - feel free to get creative with your wording or ask us for help!

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Traditionally the first line of your invitation includes the names of the “hosts” of the wedding. This can be the couple, the couple’s parents, the couple’s family etc. There are many, many ways to customize the introduction and we’re happy to help you if you’re not sure. Examples: Mr. and Mrs. Smith together with Mr. and Mrs. Johnson cordially invite you to the marriage of their children… With great pleasure Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Johnson invite you to the marriage of their children… Together with their families…(couple names)...invite you to celebrate their marriage… Together with their parents…(couple names)...invite you to celebrate their marriage…
Time of Ceremony
Time of Ceremony
Indicating when and where the reception is taking place. This can also be included on the information card instead. Examples: Dinner and dancing to follow at... Formal Reception to follow at... Cocktails to follow at...
Time of Reception
Time of Reception
If your reception is at the same location as your ceremony and the celebrations will immediately follow, time isn't usually included. However, we are happy to include time as needed!
If the reception is at the same venue as the ceremony, simply write 'same as ceremony'
If you are asking guest to RSVP online, please include all relevant information in the "Other Details for RSVP" section.
This will appear at the top of your RSVP card. Examples: RSVP Kindly Reply Kindly Respond Response
Line for Guest Names
Examples: Accepts/Regrets Yes/No Will Attend/Regretfully Declines See You on the Dance Floor/Celebrating from Afar
Dietary Restrictions
Do you need a line for dietary restrictions?
We suggest asking guests to RSVP one month in advance of your wedding date.
Information Card
This will appear at the top of your information card. Examples: Information Details Accommodations Directions
An information card is optional but is a good idea if you have many guests travelling from out of town or have important details to communicate to your guests. Some information to include on the information card could be: Local accommodations and attractions Map to venue Transportation details if a shuttle is being provided Dress code details Reception details
Final Details
If we have discussed foil for your invitations (optional and an additional cost), please indicate what colour you would like.
Bridal Shower
Are we designing your shower invitations as well? Please fill out information in the following sections about your shower...
Bridal Shower Date
Bridal Shower Date
Bridal Shower Time
Bridal Shower Time